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Say Hello to Hotel of the Future!

Let Otelika Manage All Processes

Otelika allows your visitors to manage all their processes from check-in to check-out through with their smart phones.

Room Service Is No Longer the Same

Take room service orders online and streamline tracking. Eliminate unnecessary processes by speeding up the service. Keep the menus always up to date. Easily manage stocks and portfolio. Convince customers to order with visual content. Let Otelika take the order, you just have a quick service.

Housekeeping More Professionally

Let your visitors reach housekeeping services easily. You can follow the inventory peacefully. Increase customer satisfaction with fast housekeeping. Let the happy and grateful visitors stay behind...

Manage In-Hotel Reservations

Manage in-hotel reservations with a single click. Accelerate organization. Manage your plans quickly. Don't condemn your visitors to unnecessary processes. Learn more about your visitors' booking habits. Make them special experiences.

Reception Should Not Deal With Taxi

Direct notification to the taxi stand you have contracted. It makes a modest contribution to lightening your burden. Get notifications about taxi service from your visitors. Get taxi statistics. Evaluate your taxi stand.

Bulb Is Exploded No Problem!

With Fault Record, visitors can easily notify. This allows for quick and effective intervention.